Welcome to Savitaipaleen lukio!

Located in Southeast Finland, Savitaipaleen lukio is an upper secondary school with much to offer.

Many of our students consider our pleasant atmosphere the very best part of our lukio. Group sizes are small, so making friends has never been easier. The students all know each other, and the teachers know the students as well. Our student counsellor is here to guide your studies throughout them, and the professional help of a social worker, a school psychologist and a nurse is always available for everyone.

We provide a free laptop for all our new students. And free school transportation. We provide all learning materials, including books, for free. When we travel together, we pay for the transportation. And you know how they say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Well, we provide a free lunch every day, too.

We may be a small school, but our modern school building (built from the ground up in 2011) is equipped with cutting-edge technology: 3D printers and iMacs in our art class, multitudes of instruments in our music class, and interactive projectors in each classroom. And even though our building is new, our roots go far deeper than that – we’ve been around since 1964!

Our optional courses are sure to pique your interest – we have over 90 of them! Would you like to study movies? Or the supernatural? Perhaps you’re into sports, like tennis, mountain biking, camping or canoeing? Or are you more interested in languages, like English, Swedish, German or French? Our amazing teachers will make you feel right at home, all the while broadening your horizons.

And we’re more than just a school. Our students enjoy spending time together even in their spare time, and we have fun events nearly every month. From our yearly teachers vs. students ice hockey match to our cookie day, our traditional nighttime Christmas party or our May Day floorball tournament, you’ll be excited about the next event even before the previous one is over!

Savitaipale is a municipality in the South Karelia region of Finland, less than 40 kilometers away from the city of Lappeenranta and a quick train/bus ride away from the Finnish capital of Helsinki. Sparsely populated but beautiful, warm and welcoming, Savitaipale has a population of around 3,500. Our nature is vast and pure, and there are surprisingly many activities available, ranging from all kinds of sports to culture to shopping. For more information on Savitaipale, make sure to check out the Visit Savitaipale website: https://www.visitsavitaipale.fi/en

Around half of 15–16-year-old Finns choose to continue their studies in a lukio, an upper secondary school that gives general education, which usually takes three years to complete. Most students take the Matriculation Examination at the end of their studies, more information on which can be found here: https://www.ylioppilastutkinto.fi/en/matriculation-examination